Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Save the Vajay Jay

You guys know that Michelle Duggar chick, right? The one that had 17 kids? Oh wait, it's 18 and she's pregnant with her 19th, that's what the sitch is.

Well anyway, she went to the HOSPITAL ON SUNDAY!!! I'm thankful to report, however, that she didn't go because her vajay jay was falling out. No, No, it was something with her gallbladder or something but FOR A SECOND THERE I was really scared her

was in trouble. But she's all good and can continue on having millions of ugly babies that have a first name starting with J.

Last night our dodgeball team did not win the championship. Boo. But Spencer's team did so huzzah for them! Judging by the fact that it's 11:30 and he's still not at work, I'm going to guess that the celebrations lasted long into the night. I managed to stumble home at a reasonable hour, but I will still be spending the evening on my couch. Page Six and I are getting our Christmas tree tonight as well! 'tis the season!

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