Thursday, December 17, 2009

So You Think You Can...WHAT??!!!!

You know what?


I haven't blogged much about this season of So You Think You Can Dance, mostly because it has been just downright awful. The contestants have been bland and boring and I really feel like the talent of the past few seasons was missing this year. Letting this motha trucka in as permanent judge

was just downright mean and awful. I ended up being able to tolerate him in small doses last year but now even the sight of him makes me sick. Mia Michals left, which is great for her, but gave me exactly 0 choreographers to look forward to.

Mary and Nigel reached excessive levels of obnoxiousness, I hated the stage, and thanks to all the changes Nigel made (yes, I blame him) this show went from one of my absolute favorites to one I would just fast forward through, if I watched at all. And now Russell wins. Russell, he with the miraculously fast healing leg, wins over my beloved Jakob.

The kid was the shit. He has more talent in one of his perfectly pointed toes than Russell has in all of his unwashed braids. I call for a recount!!!

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annette said...

Is it weird that I hope my baby grows up to be Jakob?

Whoops--I mean OUR baby.