Friday, December 4, 2009

TG, no seriously, TGIF

Sue Sylvester, from worse.

Just cuz.

Wow, I am COUNTING down the minutes until I can leave for the day. For whatever reason this whole I've been so unmotivated. Maybe I have Senior-itis or Cabin Fever or whatever it's called. Should be a fun weekend ahead though. I need to finish making my Christmas cd and start getting myself in the spirit - it hasn't felt like the season at all!!

Our bowling league starts on Sunday. All of us had tshirts made with different types of alcohol as our "code names." Stella, Goose, Greyhound, etc. Mine was supposed to be Flirtini. You know, Flirtini!

HOWEVER, More-O mispelled the name when he gave the info to the printers so now my shirt will instead say... FLIRITINI. FLIRITINI. You know what that sounds like?

McFlurry. Exactly. Sigh. It will be okay *I GUESS*
Have a great weekend everyone. Don't hate. Celebrate.

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