Friday, December 18, 2009

Tis Better to Give Than Receive?

I like receiving presents. I mean, hello. I'm human, who doesn't like receiving gifts? I'll never deny this fact. But I have to admit, I really thinking I like giving them a whole lot more. When you find the perfect present for someone, there's nothing better than the anticipation of giving it to them, or seeing their faces when they open it. I've got two people this year where I'm like "done. PERFECT present." I'm so excited to give it to them, I don't know that I can wait any longer. I've never been good with that whole "patience" thing.

Last night I went out for drinks with my homegirls from work. Maria Conchita Gonzalez, who used to sit next to me, decided to try some sushi. Now, she doesn't normally eat sushi as she's allergic to shellfish, but she thought that taking out the fish would make it okay. Yeah. I dunno. So we're all sitting there talking, when all of a sudden she grabs my arm and is like "oh mah gawd. Oh mah gawd. What did I just eat? Oh mah gawd." Homegirl done ATE THE GIANT ROLL OF WASABI!! Idiot. Lucky she only swallowed about half of it but watching her squirm for ten minutes was kiiiiiind of hilarious.

After drinks I was done with the day. Cold. Exhausted. It was time for pad thai and the couch. Luckily Page Six was home so we watched a little telly and then watched Jersey Shore. Now I've seen this show before but for some reason it was frakkin' hilarious last night. Oh my God, we were dying. My favorite was the cockblocker "Barb." Well, this morning he sent me this:

and I almost busted a gut. AMAZING.
This day (hell, this week) has put me through it. I can't believe how busy I've been. But it's almost done (so close!) and then I just have Monday to get through and then it's off to Ohio. Bitch can't wait. Hopefully you guys were able to maintain some of your sanity this week. Peace out biotches.

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