Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Why You Wanna Test Mah Now?

People. I don't work at a switch board. Please stop calling so much, I have things to do.

I am definitely on edge today, I don't know why. Little things just keep happening in my day and I'm tired and it's getting to me. I try to put my headphones on so I don't have to talk to anyone but SERS every time I do my boss comes out and needs something. It's like he's got a radar or something. ANNOYING. If one more person wants to get up in my biz I swear I'm just gonna...

To coordiante with my mood, there are a few things I keep hearing about today that I just couldn't care less about. Like these losers

or these weirdos.

or this freak of nature.

Oh Susan Gargoyle. Why you wanna test mah now? Deep breaths, deep breaths.
I would like to give a shout out to a lovely person in my life - miss Amanda R.

One of the funniest, kindest, and most loving people I know. She's a fantastic mother and an even better friend. Even though she hasn't updated her blog in months or emailed me but THAT'S OKAY. I love her still. :) Amanda! Happy Birthday!!! I hope it's a fantastic one. Let me know what it's like to turn 24!!
Oh I am about to freak. Seriously. I'm going to go carnival freak crazy on somebody today and scratch their eyes out.


Heidi said...

I feel the same way today! Peeps are driving me crazy. WTF. THen I got told I'm bad at stapling. Enough is enough! And Tiger Woods can suck it.

Q said...

Seriously slow entertainment news day....so ready to be done with today.

Listen to some RENT in honor of AIDS Day...maybe that will calm you down...

I hope you're wearing your hulk shirt under your clothes today.