Monday, January 4, 2010

Four Score and Seven...wait...what?

This morning, I was compared to Abraham Lincoln.

Wait, WHAT? No, I didn't help free any slaves. No, my face is not on a penny (although it should be, obviously), but instead my boss said "Hey Abe" because I have a beard. F'real? A beard and the first person you go to is Abe Lincoln? It was all just so random...but please do notice that he's wearing a bow tie. That's right, Abe-y baby knew where it was at. Work it betch.
You heard that right, WORK. As in, I'm back at work! Blech!
Oh yes, first day for everyone back to work after the break and what a day it has been. Have I been able to take a breath? Yeah...not s'much. But I've been very productive and worked out and had a great lunch. So things could be much worse I suppose. Worse like....

Hey Cruz, your bear is stupid and so are you. Ugh, he's the pits.
Speaking of stupid and guys know my nemesis Danny Gokey, right?

Gokey.....Anyway, he got a new tattoo that he posted on Twitter. Now, I don't follow him on Twitter (oh hell to the no) but More-O managed to draw my attention to this amazing piece of art work:

Yeah, Sophia is the name of his dead wife. Oh what's that? You didn't hear his wife died? Funny because he talked about it on Idol every FIVE SECONDS. I mean, sad, whatever, he drives me crazy. I think it's safe to say he officially cemented his Bachelor status for the rest of his life. I mean, who's going to marry him again with that giant ass thing poking out? Let's just hope he meets another girl named Sophia.

Did you guys hear? It's 2010.

How was your New Years Eve? Why, mine was delightful, thank you for asknig!!!

Had dinner with these gorgeous bitches, and then headed to Ant Rapp's house for a little pre-party before Ben's. A few conclusions I came to:

1. I love it when Anthony brings in a professional cleaner. The place looked amazing. Can't wait to have a party there! Maybe a "Yay I didn't die during shoulder surgery" party?

2. More-O and I look much better in black and white.

But really, who doesn't?

3. Craig should always be kept away from all light switches that effect mood lighting.

As it was though, a delightful time.

It is? Thank goodness I just barely turned 21 - don't want to be breaking any laws now!

Ben's was a great time, lots of dodgeballers I haven't seen since before the break and the champagne was a flowin'! Awesome midnight kiss and I wasn't hungover when I woke up (alone, thank you very much) on Friday. It's the little things people, the little things.

My peeps, I gotsta go. Just way too much to do and such little time to do it in. Open play for Dodgeball tonight, and it's also the return of The Bachelor!! What do we think about Jake?

I mean, of course I'd hit it (well obvi) but is it wrong I just don't like the guy? I never was really about him on last seasons "Bachelorette" and find it kind of creepy that he flew back just to tell Jillian that Wes was a creep. It came off desperate and needy and not as valliant as he made it seem. It should be an interesting, if not bumpy, ride.

Bumpy, like sex? Oh, wait, bumpy because he's an AIRLINE PILOT!!! I get it!!! Yay....puns.

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