Monday, January 25, 2010

Haus of Gaga

Hey there BriTunes-ers. It's raining, and people are cranky. But how's your day?

Just kind of a so-so weekend. Some parties, some sleep, some fro-yo, you know...nothin' big. There was this one little thing yesterday but I don't want to make too big of a deal about it...wasn't nothin' really.

Ooooooooh, that's right. I went to Lady Gaga yesterday!!!

She was, obviously, amazing. You know what else was amazing? Walking behind Dina Lohan (aka White Oprah) in line before the concert.

Ah....just look at those overly processed blonde locks. It might as well be Lindsay standing there! I went to the concert with a bunch of friends but actually sat with my friend Daniel, of SH@Z@M fame.

We're almost as orange as Dina Lohan's skin!! Badump bump.
I can't even express to you just how *perfect* our seats were. Second mezz, front row with a view of everything and plenty of room to dance.

There was a moment in the show when this lady brought a few girls dressed up like freaks to the area right next to Daniel and I. Gaga was at her piano and chatting with the audience and talking about how Virgin Mobile was sponsoring the concert. She then says she's going to "call" a lucky audience member. All of a sudden a spot light shines on the girls standing next to us and they (and us) are on the jumbo-tron. What what!! Okay, so I had to lean in a little bit to get on screen but the point of the story is that I got on screen!
By far the best moment of the show for me was when she sang "Speechless." It's my favorite song off the album and there was something about the moment that brought me to tears. I just kept thinking about Gaga and how this random girl from New York worked her ass off and went from selling out small clubs to selling out Radio City Music Hall.

Cheesy moment, absolutely. But I couldn't help but be touched by her story and just how appreciative she was of her fans, and vice-versa. Incredible, amazing, and epic show and anyone who didn't get to go should be totes jeals. I'm just sayin'.
A bunch of my friends are in Sundance this week and I keep hearing stories about this person and that person being there. One person who's up there this week?

Yup, still hate her face!


Hollywood Sucker said...

Not sure whose is the face you hate in that last picture, but if you are referring to KS, I don't get her either. I just watched Twilight yesterday and it was pretty much the worst thing I've ever seen and her monotone delivery drove me up the wall. And I think she kind of looks like Macaulay Culkin.

Kelly said...