Friday, January 22, 2010

I'll Miss You Most of All

You know, while it may have taken me a hot second, Jersey Shore ended up being good to me. REAL good to me. There are many (ridiculous) things that I'm going to miss about this show. Of course I'll miss my Thursday nights with Page Six and sometimes More-O, laughing and making fun (laughing with? At?) of these completely ridiculous people/personalities/characters. I'm sure we'll see them again sometime (hopefully soon) but for now...a tribute.


Vinny really grew on me as the season progressed. I shall miss his eyebrows, his surprisingly hot leg hair, and his flip flopping between the boss' girl and Mike's sister. Hmm...speaking of Mike's sister...

Mike's Sister

I simply can't look at her without seeing this:

and for that, I thank you, MTV.


I want to thank Ronnie for fighting like this, for starting up a completely absurd summer relationship with Sammi, and for his ridiculous, and for his inability to restrain himself from fighting anyone and everyone (including Sammi). Oh yeah, I'll also miss the fact that you have no neck.


Yeah...Sammi I'm not going to s'much miss much as I'll miss your use of hair extensions when in a fight. Also, your constant wearing of sweatpants and the fact that you weren't mad at Ronnie for going to jail because of a fight, but you were mad at him for going to jail because that meant you had to sleep alone for one night. You poor thing, I hope you've recovered well.


There done be a lot of things I'm going to miss about JWoww, but the main one is probably her amazing fashion sense and her incredibly wonderful, and inappropriately displayed, boobies.

Oh yeah, I'll also miss this face.

But probably not as much as Page Six will.

The Situation

The situation is completely ridiculous, trashy, and nasty all rolled up in to one. However, he did provide us many comedic moments throughout the season, many amazing faces, and the excuse for me to lift up my shirt any time Page Six says the word "situation."


This girl is amazing and is sure to have a long and wonderful reality show career. I shall miss her very, very much. And I will also miss this outfit.

I just...I can't...I WHAT world is lingere acceptable to wear to the club on a Tuesday night??! I know what world it's acceptable? The Jersey Shore world. Aw yeah, baby.

I'll Miss You Most of All

I'll miss all of our guidos and guidettes but the person I'll miss the most?

Barb. Like there was any question.


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Kelly said...

Jersey Shore is the best thing to happen to MTV since the Real World. LOVES