Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's Cookie Time

I don't know who's heard what but...this Sunday I will be hitting Radio City Music Hall to see.....Miss Lady Gaga

It's true!! Gaga-loo herself!! I'm beside myself with excitement, I have to say - especially after all the drama of not being able to get a ticket in the first (or second) round. My friend Daniel (a member of SH@Z@M, actually) had an extra ticket so I hollered at him and said "what do I have to do to get that ticket?" He told me to buy him a pony. So I did.

Hey, he didn't specify what KIND of pony, now did he? Exactly. So I'll be there on Sunday, waving my one free arm like a fool. Can't wait.
Yasi sent me these pictures today and I'm a liiiiiiiittle in love with them. So I had to share. Please to enjoy.

GENIUS, right?!


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Q said...

FAN FREAKING TASTIC!! Now I want Cookies & Gaga!

Hiba said...

I hate you right now. I've loved her for so long and haven't seen her live.

Oh well. Have fun!