Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Just 'cuz

Tim Tebow.

'just cuz.

'Wait, WHO' both you and I ask? Apparently he's the quarterback for the Florida Gators.

Yeah...I don't care about the details either.


Jwise said...

Really? Cuz your boyfriend is kind of a douchebag


Anonymous said...

It's funny I forget that you wouldn't know who Tim Tebow is. Tim Tebow is the best college football player of all time. He won two national championships at Florida, won the Heisman trophy as a sophomore, and set all kinds of records. Tim Tebow is also a big time God-Squader, he always writes Bible Scripts on his eye-black. Although he had a lot of success at the University of Florida, he isn't considered to be a top pro prospect because of his unconventional delivery of the football. But I do believe he is single.

Q said...

I agree with Jwise: http://www.queerty.com/the-super-bowl-welcomes-2-8-million-ad-buy-from-hate-group-focus-on-the-family-20100117/

But the boy is H O T.

Kevin Doyle said...

Which one's Tebow?


Chance said...

Tim Tebow should have been an abortion.

thedownpayment said...

i was just gonna say that he s an idiot.
im glad i wasnt beaten to it.

(oh...hi by the way...dunno how i got on your blog but here i am.)

thedownpayment said...
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thedownpayment said...

correction: im glad i WAS beaten to it.