Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Morning "Delights"

Tuesday - favorite day of the week and you know it is. Everyone's definitely in full on work mode, despite desperately not wanting to be. It makes for some interesting moods. A few things that made my morning *extra* special:


My apartment was literally 10 degrees this morning. Must. Buy. Space. Heater. STAT!


After thawing myself out in the shower, I hopped on the Subway when what to my wandering eyes should appear but a miniature guitar and eight tiny Mexicans. Okay there wasn't eight of them but it was a full on Mariachi band! On the subway. At 8:40 am. Listen, I'm not a fan of Mariachi bands ever really (unless I'm in Mexico on the beach sipping a margarita) but I'm definitely not of fan of them on the subway and DEFINITELY not a fan of them on the subway at 8:40 am. Needless to say, I cranked up the vintage Alanis I've been rocking lately and did my best to drown them out.


I've been known to take advantage of the 5-second rule, who hasn't. But seriously homegirl? Seriously? This morning in the cafeteria a homegirl dropped a bagel on the floor - CREAM CHEESE SIDE DOWN - and picked it up, put it in her tin foil, and walked to the check out. I know this because I followed her to see what she would do. I have to have faith (HAVE TO) that she didn't eat it. Because that shit is nasty.


Hulu no longer works at work. I'm devastated.

In a slightly bright spot to my day....I walk in and found this on my desk from one of my analysts.

I need someone to help me pop that top right quick! Martinis tonight, anyone?


Jwise said...

Yay, I like that last one very much!

Q said...

grey goose! YES!

for admin day last year i got a $65 gift card to the liquor store - Don't you just love it when people give you what you want?