Friday, January 8, 2010

Oh No You Didn't!!!

Mischa Barton...

Guurrrrllll, I know you didn't!!! What is wrong with you? Who in their right mind would go out of the house looking like that??! I mean...besides Britney Spears.

People, people, people, when will you learn? If you're a celebrity and you leave the house, WE CAN SEE YOU!!! Put some effort into your appearance!!!

The 'FML' day continued yesterday when I bought a new pair of jeans from J.Crew, got home, and even though they were my normal size they were wayyyyyyy too small. FML. My shirt, however, is fabulous. I bought a space heater like Page Six's to warm up my room overnight but when we both turned ours on we blew a fuse. Twice. FML.

My surgery is Tuesday and I'm really starting to get nervous. Not for the surgery so much as for the recovery. I honestly don't know how I' going to handle having only one arm for a month - eek!

On a side note this morning, who the frak is this kid?

Justin Bieber? Beeber? I don't know, am I old or just not in the loop, or what? Apparently he's 15 but he looks like either a 15-year old girl or a lesbian. Or a very young Tatum O'Neal.

Off to get some things done - enjoy the day!


Heidi said...

I can't believe I'm about to say this, but Britany looks better.Also, remember that idea I had to dye my hair brown? Mischa just killed that idea dead.

Kevin Doyle said...

Misha Barton looks 12 feet tall in that picture.