Friday, January 8, 2010

Thank You, MTV

I can sum up the new season of "The Real World: Washington D.C." in a few simple pictures and words.

White girl/Gay guy make out

White girl/Black guy make out

Black guy/Hoochie random make out

Gay guy/Gay random make out

White guy/random tranny make out, part 1

White guy/random tranny make out Part 2

Black guy/white girl make out

And now you're all caught up on "The Real World: Washington D.C." Don't you feel better?

In addition to RW, I can also sum up the new episode of "Jersey Shore" in a few pictures:

The amazing, wonderful, Claaaaaaaassic Barb. She can do no wrong.

Her friend, Hippo.

Ronnie, bustin' windows out cho car.

These shows are so dumb, so mind-numbing, and I will continue to watch and love both of them all season long. What can I say, it's the little things.


Sergio said...

Am I evil for liking it when Snookie gets hit?

Q said...

don't know if it's better than a Glee-Cap - but at least it's entertaining.

annette said...

You know what we get on MTV Canada? A bunch of Canadian hipsters talking about The Hills.