Wednesday, January 27, 2010

These R the Thoughts...

...that go through my head...

I think I have restless leg syndrome. My leg will NOT stay still!
I'm wearing a new cardigan from Ben Sherman today. I like it a lot.

I downloaded a slow version of "Poker Face" last night and am in love with it. I also like a song called "Giddy on Up, Giddy on out" and am ashamed how much I love it.

That Justin Beiber kid creeps me out.
Finally hopped on the Ke$ha train. Tik Tok indeed, my friend.

I've learned how to fall asleep on my right side (ish). However, when I wake up my arm hurts or is dead asleep. Perhaps some more practice.

I just don't get this whole 'ipad' business.

I really like Jon Hamm with a beard. I like Jon Hamm without a beard. I like Jon Hamm.

And now some thoughts on Television.

Katy Perry on American Idol. Funny, honest, and fought with Kara. What more could I ask for? I was pleasantly surprised and while I'm sure she will never be on there again, I liked it. (just like kissing a girl. Get it?)
*I've been watching old '30 Rock' episodes before bed lately. Combined with those and the fact that the new eps have been so funny, I am convinced this is one of the greatest shows ever.

*I'm convinced that this is the most annoying season of 'The Bachelor' ever.

These girls are just plain awful and the only one I even remotely like is Ali. That being said I'd still let Jake hit it. I mean, I ain't no foo'.

*There haven't been any new 'Melrose Place's or '90210's for almost two months. The sad thing? I really don't miss them. Do you?

*The new season of RuPaul's Drag Race starts Monday.

I've already seen the first episode, and I'm just as excited to watch it on Monday. Let's hope this season is an eleganza extravaganza like the first one. Can't wait!!!

*'The Office' is just kinda there this season but the wedding between Jim and Pam was one of the greatest endings to any show ever. Also, the clip episode last week was exceptionally funny. 'Parks and Recreation' sucked last year. This year? One of the funniest things on tv. I encourage you to watch it. It's frickin' hilarious and doesn't get the due it's deserved.

*I miss 'Glee.'

*I like to eat during 'The Biggest Loser.' Fatty food if preferred. I don't know why. I'm not losing any weight watching people work just doesn't make sense.

*Rob Lowe is exiting 'Brothers and Sisters' and Calista Flockhart is reportedly going to have a reduced number of episodes so she can spend more time with her family.

I've always hated Rob's character so good riddance but they better not take away my Kitty!! I love her, her character, she's just phenomenal. The show won't be the same without her.

*Same with Grey's. I miss Kathryn Heigl when she's gone.

But know who I don't miss? George. Sorry T.R. Knight, but it's true. Good thing you've got your looks and your 19-year old boyfriend going for you.

*I'm so excited for the new seasons of 'Lost' and 'Survivor' I could just pee myself.

*Please meet my new boyfriend.

His name is Matt Long, and he's on a show called 'The Deep End.' The show kinda sucks. Norbert Leo Butz is on it and is awful. But Matt? DELISH.

*Ugly Betty.

No joke, I was going to write ya'll and tell you that I was breaking up with Ugly Betty. Seriously, even though it has been good this year, I just don't have time for it and I'm kind of over the show. THEN they had to go and tell me that they're canceling the show this May. Good, right? NO!! Because NOW I have to watch it until the end. I've watched it for four years, I have to finish it out. Ugh. So annoying.

So those are my thoughts on the tv I've been watching lately. I swear I have a real social life, promise.


annette said...

My tv thoughts:

1. I like to eat fatty foods while watching ANTM. Then I convince myself I'm as skinny and pretty as those bitches.

2. I can't stop watching The Bachelor, but I mostly watch it through my fingers. It's so awkward and embarrassing and awful. MLC and I have created an awesome drinking game based on this season (if someone says the word "connection," take a shot, if someone makes an aviation-related pun--ie. "Jake, I want to be your co-pilot"--take a shot, etc.)

3. Let's keep talking about The Bachelor. I loved Ali at one point, but now I think she's just nasty. Gia isn't smart, but she's got a good heart. Not unlike Jake himself. Go Gia!

4. 30 Rock is all kinds of hilarious. I also get lots of belly laughs out of Community. Mmm... secretly balding Joel McHale...

Kelly said...

Seriously disappointed there was no John Hamm picture to accompany today's post.

Chance said...

Yay, someone else likes Community. That show is great.

Also, I'm thinking it may be time for The Office to pack up shop. While the clip show was funny, it was also LAZY. And this season as a whole has been quite uninteresting, but I agree the wedding was a great ending.

Sarah said...

Community... I watched like 6 episodes and remained un-impressed.

But, do you know what's impressive? This blog. It's one of my more-favorites in a while.

Do you know what sucks the most? The Bachelor. It's HORRIBLE this season! (although, what did we think was going to happen? Jake is a too-smiley freak show.) AND I already know the ending (damn you, Reality Steve) and it makes me want to punch someone's face.

30 rock is my favorite show that I don't TiVo. (thanks, the internet!)

Heidi said...

My Tv Thoughts:
-I enjoy eating Yogurt and garnolia while watching Teen Mom and crying. That show is SAD.
-Better of Ted is way funnier then The Ofiice.
-Because of you I now sometimes watch Bad Girls Club.

A Gay Mormon Boy said...

My tv thoughts
-Long live 30 Rock! Two weeks ago somebody told me, "You're a male version of Tina Fey." Since then, I've been a bit of a diva.
-Community is probably the most overlooked comedy right now.
-The only other shows that I've kept up on (due to 30 hours of rehearsal and 40 hours of work a week) are Ugly Betty and The Office.
-Betty, you will be missed. Me and the Amanda to my Marc will be watching the next episode in black to mourn the show's diagnosis.