Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Whole New Post

Dear Kate Gosselin:


I mean, I can't....I don' you think that actually looks GOOD??!! Not only does it not work for your face but the extenstions are so bad. Could they look ANY less real? They're almost as bad as Britney's!!!

Love you Brit Brit but you gotsta do something about those 'tensions.

Dear Katie Perry

No. Don't make me regret buying "Waking Up in Vegas" from iTunes. As a side note, you might want to get tested for an STD before consumating the marriage.

Kind of a quiet day today. My morning started off awesome, I got another mini Christmas bonus, and there is a spontaneous Dodgeball open play tonight. Not bad for a Wednesday. However, with Hulu not working for us at work I'm a little stressed about how I'm going to fit in the copious amounts of tv that I watch. I'm always doing other stuff and have it on in the background - it's this thing I have - I always need to be doing two things at once. When I watch tv at home I always need a crossword or something to keep my hands busy. I don't know if it's because I'm ADD or jittery or what, but it's just this thing I have. At work Hulu used to calm me but in its absence I've had to go out and look for something else. I know Pandora, I (kinda sorta) like Pandora but I have to say - today? It's ROCKING MY WORLD.

I have the Glee station on (naturally) and it's just like, amazing song after amazing song. They're throwing all this Disney stuff at me that I never expected. I was sitting here minutes ago with actual tears streaming down my face to "Beauty and the Beast."

It's a tale as old as time, yo!!! The forces were against them and they made it work! Ugh. Amazing. That's some good shit right thurr. And then they go and throw The Little Mermaid at me? Pandora, let's get married.

Remember how amazing Mermaid was (is)? I mean, this move?

I attempt it EVERY time I'm in a pool. Amazeballs.

I have a dentist appointment tonight - first one in 2.5 years. EEK!!

No my teeth don't look like that, but 2.5 years is a long time! On the plus side, I feel like I take relatively good care of my teeth and floss/brush as much as recommended but on the down side.....I done eat a LOT of candy. So we'll see. The visit could go either way. I'm just happy that my teeth are straight, pretty, and white. Which I'm sure is exactly how my mother wishes I was.

Hey, 2 out of 3 ain't bad!!


Becky Youkstetter said...

The Glee Pandora station is the best. Although - I find my self skipping most of the Disney songs.

Oh - at least Kate no longer has the "duck butt" hair.

Heidi said...

Love Pandora and LOVE That damn Little Mermaid!! Remember Jenny singing Part of Your World? Amazing. And Kate Gosslin looks like a damn fool. Someone needs to smack her upside the head and knock those extensions out.

Heidi said...

One more thing I thing Russell Brand is AWESOME. I would gladly be he lawfully wedded wife.