Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Nom Nom Nom

Oh man, I've gotta get my ass watching some movies!!! Out of the 10 Best Picture nominees, I've only seen 3. 3!!!! (For the record they are Up, Up in the Air, and Precious. "PRECIOUS!") The good news is that Page Six and I have almost all of them at home. The bad news is that I have four seasons of "How I Met Your Mother" coming to me from Netflix and I'd much rather watch that than "Inglorious Bastards." I mean come on, who wouldn't? Just look at those faces!

I guess the biggest surprise is that Sandra Bullock got nominated (is it really a surprise with all the awards she's been winning?)

and really, I think she should have been nominated years ago for her work in "Practical Magic."

The one thing that's annoying this year is that there really aren't any questions about who will win certain categories. Jeff Bridges is a lock, the guy for Supporting Actor is a lock, Mo'nique is a lock (PRECIOUS!!) and I'm pretty sure Sandra will win based on the Globes and the SAG's. We'll see.

Sigh. I guess this means I finally have to see that Avatard movie, don't I?

So yes, congrats to all the nominees. The big congrats, however, goes out to More-O whose company garnered 7 nominations with The Blind Side, Invictus, Sherlock Holmes, and Harry Potter!


Not too terribly much going on today. You know, an expense report here or there...maybe plan a meeting or two...and then tonight is probably going to be boring, there's not much on - oh wait.

It begins, bitches.

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More-O said...

All the pictures and that's the one you post?!? Geez.