Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Ladies, Gentlemen, Kids of all ages, Trannys, and everything in-between. Welcome to Season2 of RuPaul's Drag Race!!!!!

Last night Benji and I went over to our friend Justin's house to watch with a few queens. Thank goodness Page Six and I had watched the premiere a few weeks ago on a screener because queens like to talk during shows I've discovered.

Upon first glance there aren't as many "stand out" queens as last year. Where are the Ongina's?! The Nina Flowers'? All we have this year is Shangela and this bitch:

Seriously!!! That mouth!!! I mean...I can't even!! Morgan McMicahels is the skanky one, the twink who you know you'd get in a fight with at Axis cause he thinks he's the shit. I guess it's fitting then, that the skinny bitch got in a fight with the fat bitch

on Logo's behind the scenes after show, aptly titled "Untucked." Jesus....those queers and their plays on words.

The first episode was great fun though, and the first challenge was a photo shoot where the ladies had to take pictures based on "Gone With the Wind" which was really just them sitting on a canon while a giant fan tried to blow off their wigs. The final result?


We were introduced to a Drag Queen named "Jujubee."

My first thought? "Oh Jesus!!! That looks like my sister-in-law!!"

Justine, I'm so, so, sorry. And I think you are much much prettier than a drag queen. BUT C'MON!!!!

They look JUST LIKE each other!!! And not because all Asians look alike, c'mon guys....

Sigh. I'll never be able to look at JuJuBees the same way ever again...

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Q said...

it really does astound me how our initial reactions are so similar -

I thought that Morgan McMichaels WAS that queen from Axis (remember that fight? "Look what she did to my face!!!")

You know I'm loving Mystique (not only for the X-Men reference) - BIG GIRLS UNITE!

Loving this show (obvi) and can't wait for future commentary