Thursday, February 4, 2010

THIS is your AmERicAN IDol

So the "Guest Judge" round of American Idol has come and gone and all I can say is Praiiiiiiiise Jesus-ah!!! I've just never been a fan of the auditions (I mean, besides that first year when it was new and everyone thought it was hilarious). I much prefer the meatier Semi-Final Round, Top 12, Hollywood week, etc. With that oh so poignant Paula AbDrool gone this year, they needed someone to fill in that 4th spot (WHY do we have 4 spots again?) Since Ellen hadn't been chosen yet, they picked celebrities and well.....some were of more use than others.

#8. Joe Jonas

Teen Throb appeal, ratings booster, short on words
Con: Short on words, thinks he's the shit, EYEBROWS

#7. Kristin Chenoweth

Sweet to all the contestants, very gracious, charming, funny
Con: THAT VOICE. That, and she seemed to really bring joy to Kara's life. Can't have that, now can we?

#6. Doogie Howser

I mean come on, he's NPH! He can do whatever he want and succeed at it. He has a wide and vast career to glean lessons from and therefore was great at doling out the advice.
Con: Kind of a zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz fest.

#5. Avril Lavigne

Wasn't afraid to tell it like is.
Con: The sweatshirt and....Avril Lavigne? REALLY? Like, Sk8ter Boy Avril Lavigne? REALLY?

#4. Shania Twain

Constructive Critisicm expert, has aged amazingly well over the past ten years
Con: Sexual harassment of some contestants

#3. Mary J. Blige-ah

Introduced us to "Pants on the Ground" guy and was really cute when she laughed
Con: There are no cons when it comes to Pants on the Ground guy.

#2. Victoria Beckham

Pro: Looked amazing, was really sweet with all the contestants, gave great advice, got along with the judges, talked a lot, and looked amazing
Con: Starts with C and ends in RUZ BECKHAM.

And my favorite celebrity judge....

#1. Katy Perry

Pro: Seriously, she was the only one who was straight up with EVERYONE, including the judges. She fought with Kara (pro) was sassy (pro) and wasn't afraid of what came out of her mouth (pro). She had personality and was just plain old awesome. Let's get rid of Kara and have Katy be a full-time judge instead!!!
Con: That whole Russell Brand thing....

I can't tell you how excited I am for auditions to be O-V-E-R!! Bring on Hollywood week and bring on the lesbian!!!

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