Tuesday, February 9, 2010

This Just In...

This just in:

Clementines are DELICIOUS!!!! WHAT? Where did this magical fruit come from?! Better than an orange, this tiny little fruit is something magical. I've been having some major candy cravings lately and in an effort to distract myself from the Mike and Ikes that I know are right around the corner. Anyway, clementines are amazeballs. Look into them.

This just in: Today is four weeks after my surgery and you know what that means.....the sling is off!! Wahoo! I haven't been wearing it the past few days and things have been going okay. It's a weird sensation but I have to get used to it sooner or later. Tonight is my first night of Physical Therapy and I'm nervous, excited, anxious, blah blah blah. Hopefully they'll be gentle.

This just in:

Kendra drives me absolutely crazy. There were pictures circulating yesterday of her crying after the Super Bowl and her excuse was that it was because there were paparazzi getting too close to her. DUDE - YOU ASKED FOR THIS!! It drives me crazy when there are fame hungry celebrities that actually achieve fame and then say "ah! Leave me alone! Give me privacy!" No. Not okay.
This just in:

Bradley Cooper doesn't know how to use self-tanner.

This just in:
Jessica Alba looked AWFUL at last night's "Valentine's Day" premiere. Horrendous!! I'm not a fan of hers in the first place but despite her and Biel's prescences, I shall be seeing "VDay" very soon. I was planning on checking out a screening of it tonight but with Physical Therapy I'm not sure what time I'd finish and don't feel like rushing here and rushing there. So instead I shall partake in Lost and American Idol Hollywood week and it shall be grand.

Another amazing episode of "Drag Race" last night in which they had to take RuPaul barbie dolls and make them over. Here is the end result:

I swear, this is something my sister and I did...um...like every day when she was 5. We made Rent barbies, Clueless barbies...can't you tell it was 1996? My favorite from last night was "SheFreeForAll."

Amazing. This show is genius, people! I do have to say though, there aren't as many "outstanding" personalities as there were last year. Am I alone in thinking this?
Not much else to report today. Supposedly we're getting a LOT of snow in the next day or so....who's up for calling in "snow" tomorrow?!


Kelly said...

It kinda looks like he got really tan with a beard, then trimmed his beard.

Anonymous said...

You know clementines have been around for a looooong time, right?